Wednesday, 2 June 2010


The usual tittle-tattle that fills the tabloids in these dreary weeks leading up to the World-Cup always seems to be focussed around the top six, but for some reason the world and it’s generously-weighted mother seem to be linked with Spurs these days.
From Edin Dzeko, to an apparent “cheeky bid” for David Villa, back round to Diakhate (who?) and even Curtis Davies (Please God, no).
But there seems to be two names that continue to surface from the swirling cesspit of Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror; namely Joe Cole and Micah Richards.

With the current attacking options we have in the squad and the ever-growing number of Attacking Midfielders, do we really need Joe Cole?
Modric has really began to make his stamp on the premier league, started 31 games he chipped in with three goals (which he needs to dramatically increase) and was instrumental in the play making throughout the season.
Krancjar came in this season and deputised in amazing fashion, playing 24 with 6 goals and 7 assists, pulling the strings from the edge of the box.
Bale and even Lennon can also cover for the left hand side / Attacking Midfield position so it leaves the question of whether we really do need him or whether he will be a classic “Luxury Player” Tottenham seem to pride ourselves in having.

We do need a Lampard / Gerrard / Fabregas type player that comes from Midfield and gives you an extra 15 goals a season, especially if we want to maintain the golden throne of Champions League football. Joe Cole, however, is not the answer to our prayers. Modric will eventually bridge the gap.

And that brings me on to Micah Richards. The once Prodigal Son from Citeh that would cure all England’s right-back worries. The new Gary Neville (although somewhat different looking, more muscular, with pace, and better athlete. Actually, take the last statement back).
I think with ‘Arry’s management we could turn this boy into a class act – remember that weedy little kid called Gareth?
He wouldn’t have a problem in fitting in with the squad and would give Charlie the kind of competition he needs. Is Kaboul competition? Or a CB? Or a DM? whenever he gets the ball I feel as comfortable as a pregnant woman in August. Cheeky l

What we truly need is a Left back. End of.

Round-round-round we go.

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  1. I could defo go for Dzeko and Villa though mate....